Shelley Septer’s son, Zach, could never hold a job. He suffered from what she called an impulsive disorder. He would do things without thinking, dangerous things, things that would get him into trouble.
A man was in serious but stable condition after he lost control of his SUV, it struck several trees and then caught fire, according to the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department.
 For crews battling potholes on city streets, spring can feel like a monster-sized game of Whac-A-Mole.


  •  Sniffing out some doggone eggs for charity
    Four-year-old Pabst didn’t seem motivated as he strolled among 9,000 neon plastic eggs scattered across the grass in Franke Park.
  • Fewer help requests for townships
    When it comes to hard-luck stories, township trustees have heard them all: •Single mothers who can’t afford to feed their children; •Senior citizens who are about to have their gas or electricity shut off because they can’t afford to pay the bills; •Families facing eviction from their home because they can’t pay the rent.
  • Doctors say Medicare report only half of story
    It took more than a decade of full-time training after medical school for Dr. Gohar Salam to be able to perform the complex eye surgeries he specializes in at his private practice on Diebold Road.